Natural Arches

There are a lot of natural sandstone arches in the creek systems near Lithgow. The Wollangambe, Dumbano, Bungleboori and Nayook systems all have some really nice examples.

Some are small and pretty others large and grand. I thought I’d put a page together with photos from some of the more impressive ones we’ve visited.

For the moment I’m ignoring those formed from large chock stones forming a tunnel in a narrow canyon, and also smaller ones that a waterfall spouts through (some exceptions if I think the arch is unique or pretty enough). Most of the arches here were formed when the rear ceiling of a deep erosion cave has collapsed. I’m not sure if Newnes arch fits that model as it seems like a weakness has eroded from the top down but I could be wrong

Clarence Arch.

Clarence arch first came to attention when the railway was surveyed.  It’s a delicate looking arch spanning about 14m however it is on private property so not many people get to visit it any more

Dargan Arch

Dargan Arch is probably the best known example at the moment due to a high social media profile.  It’s fairly easy to get to and very photogenic. It spans maybe 9ms


South Bungleboori Arch

This arch is tucked into a bend high up in the Southern Branch of the Bungleboori. The creek does a big S bend around the arch.

North Bungleboori Arch

Tucked up into an alcove of North Branch of the Bungleboori high up in it’s head waters this one goes by a few different names, eg Pterodactyl cave and the Howling arch. It’s a grand old arch spanning around 12m and the square corners make it look almost architectural from the upstream side.  First recorded reference to this one comes from the late 50s

Gooches arch

Just below Gooches Crater this is more a high, shallow cave with a sky light but it is impressive

Newnes Natural Arch

Perched high above the main camp ground at Newnes this arch has a different feel to most of the others and offers great views down over the campers. The wedge shaped bridge spans around 5m but is very high up in the cliff line


Waterfall of Moss Arch

A cool little arch you absiel through when descending Waterfall of Moss canyon


Rocky Creek Arch

There are lots of chock stones forming bridges and tunnel in the narrows of Rocky Creek canyon but this arch high up in the walls is something special

Rocky creek canyon is so spectacular it is easy to miss this arch 20 or 30 meters up


Alctraz Arch

This one is different again. Is it an Arch? Um I don’t know but it is cool. The erosion effects of the waterfall have carved out a deep plunge pool, creating a hole around 15m deep and 5m diameter. Eventually the water found a weaker layer in the rock and ate it’s way out.

Escaping from Alcatraz
Under the Alcatraz Arch


Walls Cave Arch

Greeves creek runs through this tunnel like arch near Walls Cave at BlackHeath




I’ll add more as I get photos. Arch hunting is more a winter thing and I have a few on the hit list but if you know of any worth visiting leave a tip or hint in the comments below.