2017 Outdoors

Part 1. January to July

It’s been a big start to 2017. Lots of canyoning and walking and I’ve also slowly been getting back on the bike.

Canyons included Clatterteeth, Accoustic, Twister, Rocky creek, Sheep dip, Bobs, Alcatraz, Grand Canyon, Empress, Dargan, Crikey, Arethusa, Dead tree, Great Uncle George, Yileen, Twins, Fern tree Gully, Pleasant View, Billabong, River Caves, The Dry Canyon, Tiger snake, as well as some lesser know ones.

Lots of walking on the Plateau as well as doing some of the touristy walks down the mountains.

On the mountain bike there has been the weekly races at Rydal, the 5 day Wests Cycles Classic between  Newcastle and Central Coast, and this year the Easter epic took in a loop down to Deep Pass and back.

There have been a lot of highlights (It’s almost been one constant highlight) but the Crikey trip sticks out as it was one I have wanted to do for many years but had never managed to get the stars to align before.

The Wests Cycles Classic was another. It was something I signed up to a little reluctantly as I didn’t think it would be my type of riding but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately  my hard drive died and I lost a most of my footage and a lot of photos.  I managed to save enough for a bit of a video and here it is