Why I’m glad season 5 of Game of Thrones is over

How do you know if someone has read the books?

Oh, they’ll tell you!

It’s funny ‘cause it’s true and as a book reader myself (see I told ya) a trap I’ve tried hard not to fall into. Unfortunately this has had a bit of an adverse effect as the TV show became more and more popular.

As water cooler conversations began to spring up I started to feel like an outsider. People I got into Game of Throne to start with would be discussing plot lines and possibilities… ‘Did you see that?” “I reckon this is going to happen…” “How cool is this character?” but I didn’t want to be a smug book reading git who’d dismiss the theory “That’s not going to happen..” or spoil the twist “Mate that bloke gets killed off next episode…”

More and more that left me out of the conversation.

Then something else started to happen. The show diverged more and more from the books. Yes the early series combined some characters, left out some plot lines and included other but for the most part the main characters followed the doings of their literacy counterparts reasonably closely.

Suddenly those smug all knowing book readers were up in arms. “That didn’t happen in the books!” “She’s not suppose to do that!” “He wasn’t even there!” Me? I really didn’t get the anger. Yep there were things happening in the TV show that I thought didn’t fit the characters evolution as it occurred in the books but to be honest I kind of enjoyed it.

Wasn’t one of the great things about the books the shear unpredictability of the plot line? Isn’t that what made it a page turner? Not knowing if you favourite character was going to survive the next chapter? The awkward realisation that the guy you hated in book one was starting to grow on you while that other chick was becoming a bit annoying?

The changes began to bring that back to the TV show. Yep I thought I knew what was going to happen and then bam! GRRM style.

Yeah sure, compared to the awesomeness that the books hinted at, the sand snakes of the show sucked more than a great big sucky thing and the work suck championships but on the whole you were back on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to go wrong next. And now with the show pretty much caught up with the books the possibilities are endless. Just look at how much speculation season six is generating compared to past seasons. Bring it on.

Also the fan theories. Every time some smug git has said or typed R+L=J like they were in on some secret rite I’ve had to resist the urge to grab them by the throat and throttle the shit out of them while shouting “It was in the first half of the first boo 20 years ago!” It’s hardly a secret theory hidden by code, it all but states it plain as day.

It’s more than clear that R isn’t the villain Robert made him out to be. Lets face it even the show made it clear in the early episodes Robert Baratheon was more than a little unhinged and his hatred of a certain family was a little zealous to say the least.

The show has had some even more obvious hints to Rs character over the last few seasons…..

Anyhoo, I’m off topic but it is safe to say with season 5 done and dusted we’re all now on a level playing field. None of us knows what’s going to happen from here in and I feel fine. Bring on the water cooler speculation, I’m in.


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